Chuck Norris

  • DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story

    dodgeball a true underdog story 14314 poster
    2004 Gledaj Film
  • The President's Man: A Line in the Sand

    the presidents man a line in the sand 12395 poster
    2002 Gledaj Film
  • Missing in Action

    missing in action 5202 poster
    1984 Gledaj Film
  • Breaker! Breaker!

    breaker breaker 4228 poster
    1977 Gledaj Film
  • The Way of the Dragon

    the way of the dragon 3852 poster
    1972 Gledaj Film
  • The Expendables 2

    Image The Expendables 2
    HD 2012 Gledaj Film
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